Adult Lessons

Owing to my current residence in the United Kingdom , I am aware of the importance of knowing both the language and its culture. Therefore, my lessons are mainly based on the communicative method (socialising, travelling and living abroad) with the intention that the students are able to communicate (both orally and in writing) in any of the countries where Spanish is spoken.

These lessons:

  • Are addressed to different levels, from beginners to advanced levels.
  • Are tailored to the students┬┤ needs .

Every week I help my students improve their Spanish communication and make conversation with ease. Through my lesson structure, I see improvements in my students week after week.

In every lesson, I employ various activities that help students understand the language better and get them interact in all my classes. They learn the context in which Spanish is spoken and improve on topics such as:

  • Pronunciation and pitch.
  • Daily routines: restaurants; supermarkets; stations; hospitals; hotels, etc.
  • Their vocabulary.
  • Grammar
  • The comprehension and creation of basic and advanced sentences.