GCSE & A Level Lessons

Learn Spanish language & grammar for education

My experience as a student of foreign languages (French and English) has made me aware of the difficulty and stress that it provokes in the students, especially when they have to prepare for exams. But with professional help, everything becomes easier. Through entertaining activities, the students can enjoy the lessons while studying the language and its culture.

Exams are based on the four linguistic processes: speaking; writing; reading and listening. All these processes are adapted to current the specifications and assessment criteria of each school. I will target these four processes in my lessons:


During the preparation of this section, I expect the student to achieve confidence and fluency in his/her oral skills.

Firstly, I help the student to elaborate a question bank with all the questions that the examiner could use during the exam. Subsequently, I will help him/her understand and memorise all of these questions; trying, not just to recite the answers, but to understand what is being told in order to express themselves in a natural way. It will include and focus on the pronunciation and intonation of the Spanish language.


In this section, the students must demonstrate his/her writing and grammatical skills.

The student is shown how to make a plan in order to express all the ideas in a well-organised composition. I will encourage the student to use accurate grammatical structures with a wide vocabulary.

Reading and listening

It is very important that the reading and listening exam is carried out with speed as the student will have a limited time to make an answer. The student will need to practise this in order to achieve these skills.

My role as a teacher in this part of the exam is to give the student advice and tricks on how to manage their time and the speed of which they must answer. This is all with the intention that the student is able to face the exam with outstanding results.

The preparation for these exams will all be based on the students┬┤ needs as well as on his/her weak points relating to the four processes.