Spanish For Young Learners

Learning foreign languages from a young age is very important; considering that kids at these ages are able to internalise a second language in every aspect and in a very natural way.

Firstly, they become comfortable with the sounds of the language and its musicality. Afterwards, it gives way to a comprehension of the writing and reading; achieving an extraordinary understanding of the global language as a whole.

Based on my knowledge of the educational field and my experience with young learners, the most satisfactory technique is the one the youngest in the family will enjoy the most: “ the game” . Using this method, the children become very motivated and encouraged to which increases their interaction and concentration during the whole lesson.

I use games to teach Spanish to young children, combining fun with other activities such as

  • Stories
  • Tales
  • Songs
  • Creative activities
  • And handcrafts among others

Thanks to all of these activities and games, they discover concurrently the language and its culture.